During this class I have been very interested in many of the aspects that I have found working on the computer provides. I was the most interested in how working in different manners could produce extremely varied results which ranged from looking distinctly computer generated to others which seemed almost handmade. Initially I was interested in trying to make images that looked handmade by using a work method that was very much like a traditional collage technique. I imagine that I had difficulty relating to the completely synthetic computer generated images at first, which is why I compensated by tying to think of the images as collages. Prior to the class I had also been struck by the relationship between traditionally handmade objects such as textiles and mosaics and the pixels of digital imagery. This also contributed to my interest in making digitally constructed images that felt handmade. Later on in the class I began to understand the endless maneuverability that working on the computer allows. I was interested to see, in the other class work, a propensity to create very opulent and visually complex images. I also began to feel that, by attempting to make images that did not feel like they came from the computer, I was losing some of the inherent qualities that the medium could potentially provide.

The sources for the imagery that I have used have come from many different places. There have been two specific images that I have come across recently that I had definately been thinking about while making some of the work that I had done this semester. Around midterm I borrowed a record by the band Black Dice, from a friend, which had a large booklet inside of it filled with many different drawigs and collages done by members of the band. Seeing that booklet led to the series which I made that started with the image of a blonde woman and ended with the image of a woman juxtaposed against the tappa blanket. Earlier on it the year I had seen a tiled picture of Drew Barrymore, by Warwick Saint, in an issue of Flaunt magazine that led me to first start thinking about the visual vocabulary of psychedelic rock, from the late 60's to the early 70's, which I attempted to reference in a number of the pictures I made. Finally when I became more comfortable with the digital tools I began to incorporate some of the iconography which I have been trying to develope over the course of this year such as stylized birds, mountains , trees and animals.