I Can TOTALLY fix that Broken Guitar of Yours!

See here, I like to fix things. And not that the things that I fix will look like they did to begin with, but I try and/or make it better. I have done this a bunch of times and will share with you the work I have done. And now, as a delightful bonus, I am opening up Ethan's Guitar Fixing Service, for only a $mall amount of money, I will make that guitar of yours make sound again! I can also make them from scratch. Stringed instruments that is.

         \\     Hell YA!
           \\    THIS GUITAR IS AWESOME
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Here are some examples of my work! the first guitar (actually a bass) I built was one I built from scratch. I think I did it just because I really liked looking at pictures of guitars. It came out nicely, until the head came off. here are some views:

oh yeah, I cant really play guitar at all.

then I dunno... last year I got this beauty for only ten dollars, all I had to do was screw the neck back on. easy.

I made some little wooden stringy things too,
and then I fixed up THIS delight, I call it, Certain Danger. this was my biggest job at that time, possible still is.THe guitar was dismantled piece by piece and broken apart too, and i took the pieces and put it back together. the neck is a little short, but its for soloing only anyway. the pickup works too.

then there was the Guit'arp, and ugly 3-D project.

then not much until the fall of '01 when I fixed three things in about a week.
first, I glued the neck back on this violin. Easy enough. i do need a bow though...

Then I did the same to RIPPED this carved topped hollow body beauty that needed a new bridge for it's two remaining strings, and an unlucky brush handle was laying around. worked pretty well.

Then the real challenge came. for this wonder, Razzy, all that remained was the neck and the broken all the way through top to this shabble classical acoustic, so I needed a new bod. luckily in the basement was a sort of shallow large box without a back, which would have been good, but I improvised with a piece of cardboard. overall, a good guitar.

If this doesn't impress you enough to have me fix up your rotten Axe, then email me and I'll convince you that it is a good idea to let me 'soup' it up.

updated (or fixed) on jan-3-03