Hey guys! Here are some things that we like, our other projects, and things that are cool! these are ethans so far.

4-29-03--UPDATE ONLY THE BOTTOM TWO LINKS WORK. all the others got deleted with out any notification, there for deleteing quality aritclces about my high shcool Frat, dumpsterdiving and other forays into websitery from hightschool and early college. fuck msn.talkcity.shitbox.fuckers.com

  • The Psi Omega Phi page
  • The good jokes,"Eye-Candy",etc
  • Dumpster Diving Page
  • Good one****!
  • my first pages on the web
  • Bron
  • ????
  • A hilarious apendectomy story. it is kind of funny.
  • The place where we ALMOST lived this year
    * JukeBox
    * Chats


    more to come

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