Alcatraz EXPOSE !!!(expos-ay)

now this is only the rough draft, illustrations and photos to fololow, along with correct spelling...

Did you ever wonder why alcatraz was really closed? Not because it was to “inhumane” or “haunted” or “obsolete”, No it was because it was (and still is) a death trap. Popular to contray belief, the really reason that alcatraz was closed in the 50s was because it was one of few “dunking” islands located throuigh out the world. Back when Alcatraz was built in the 20s, the Sanfrancisoco Bay Authority decided that The island would be great for a high securitry prison because of its remote location and near imposibilitiy to escape. A few years later it was finished construction. Every summer, the construction was halted for about a week around the middle of july, due to intense fog in the bay that made the visibility practically zero, making it dangerous and impossible for the workers to see what they were doing. Nobody thought much of it during the construction, just a minor set back. Alcatraz was a sight among sights, holding the criminals like Al Capone and many more ruthless individuals deemed to Dangerous for conventional prisons on land with easy escapes. The Commisioner of Police was gloating in his sucsess of his new "holding tank” for “worthless low-lifes who kill just for fun” that summer the fog set in. people on land in san fransico just thought it was the same old thing But on the lisland, things were different. The guards feared a possible jail break, but no one expected what really happened. Early that morning, around 4 am on July 17th, the island groaned and started to sink.

The guards, staff and inmates were jolted awake, and those who were on duty or awake grabbed ahold of something. The island sank fast and furiously as inmates begged for mercy to be let out as their cells filled with water. The guards ran for the outdoors and climed as hig on the island as possible. The island was fully submerged for 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, the island rose up to its normal height above sea-level. The guards who made it out had been treading water for that horrible time, and found themselves on top of the rooves and other out of the way areas on the island when then the island rerose. They feared (if that is the correct word) that all of the inmates were dead. The thing was, many of the cells in the prison had slightly pitched rooves that allowed for air pockets to form. That was also how many of the prison workers survived. Of course, there was still a fair share of dead and drowned inmates and staff, whose families were told they were killed in a fight or escape attempt. The warden shrouded the whole issue with a veil of secrecy, hopeing that no one on land noticed. And no one had. Not one thing. The families of the guards who drowned believed the coroners and buryied their dead fathers and brothers and sons without every seeing the bodies, because they were “unfit for viewing”.

Soon, after rehiring help and conveinently having newly opend cells for new “recruits”, things were back to “normal”. Until the next July 17th.

But this time things were different. At 4 am the guards were ready with boats and dingys to float around in while the island, and the inmates, were underwater for 12 long minutes. A few of the inmates died, especially those in solitary confienemt, but over all, who would complain. And aside from a few dingy’s up on the rooftops, everything was fine.

Here we see recently released before and during photos of Alcatraz and it's notorious "dipping".

Of course the inmates were outraged that there were left on this massive dunking booth, but their letters were (as always) screened. There was no way to get the word out that they were practically being tortured one a year for 12 minutes of dark, cold alone time in the water, gasping at and inch or so of air left in their cells. Over the years they developed better ways to stay alive, balloon type sacks filled with air, and other life lengthening devices.

This continued every year, and the same precautions were take each time, and the deaths were less and less each year. Except one. When finally, the year that Alcatraz was actuall closed, the “sinking island” decided to Dunk itself a few hours earlier, around 2 am. It was just early enough for everyone to still be asleep before getting up to circle around in their boats before returning to their quarters to dry everything off and remove the flapping sea life in their beds and bookshelves. 75 people died that day, and the motion to close alcatraz “for security reasons” was made.

This confidential information wasn’t released to the public until last year, and very quietly too, I might add. Scientists attributed this “dunking” phenomenon to shifting fault lines that would make a temporary sink hole that the island was located on.

Today even, tours to alcatraz are halted for a whole week every july, to allow for the island to dunk itself and dry out again so that the island is safe again.