I like Momus a lot. I go to his site regularly and read all of his essays. I think that they are interesting, and I recomend any of his albums to almost anybody.

The Incredible String Band

Another band that I love is The Incredible String Band. I'm only familiar with the Hangman's Beautiful Daughter but who cares. I've been totally into that album for nearly six months which must be some kind of record.

The Shangri-Las

I was listening to the oldies station for a while because I didn't have any money to buy new cds The first time I heard The Shangri-Las they sent shivers down my spine. The same happened the second and third time. I later learned that all of their songs are about love, sex and death.

Other Music

My favorite record store I've ever been to is Other Music in nyc. I don't buy as many cds as I would like but I try to stay interested in new releases, and my favorite place to do that is on their website.

Scratch Pet Land

One of the last cds I got was Scratch Pet Land. They are an electronic music duo off of the mouse on mars label sonig. Their music is tiny. There are really little noises on it (as well as some really tough synth lines). Anyway I've really gotten into it a lot.


An early synth album I got was Memories of a Past Life as Played on the Roland Synthesizer by Rroland. This music is seriously weird. I've had it for about four months and I still find it extremely surprising even after some serious listening.


Here are some crazy comics from the northeast. Also check out

Fort Thunder

Space 1026

Here is a really great art place in Philadelphia. They have put on a bunch of shows like Destroy all monsters and Daniel Johnston(sp?) and graffit/skateboarding culture stuff among many many others. They also do awesome silkscreening. Enter their annual flipbook show.

The Elder Eddas

Norse mythology is moving me these days. Read the Elder Eddas in their entirety here.